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100% focus on results, we care for your business as our own

We believe that Fluent Lead was born out of a great need among small businesses to find a reliable, effective digital marketing resource that could help them compete with bigger companies with enterprise-level budgets. As digital marketers, we’ve received the same questions from clients time and time again:

What kind of marketing tactics should I use?
Competitor X is doing this, shouldn’t I be doing it as well?
Who should I hire? Can you do Social Media Advertising?
Can I get back to my work now?!

These questions plague business owners in nearly all industries, and unfortunately, there are no easy answers. For business owners, decision making never stops, and these decisions extend into a realm often outside your comfort zone: marketing. We built our agency to make the task of marketing your business our priority, but the benefits are all yours. We believe that you started your business because you’re passionate about what you do, and by virtue of that passion, you’re also probably quite good at it. Hey, we can relate! At Fluent Lead, we’re passionate about helping small businesses achieve marketing success, and we are, indeed, quite good at it!


Our mission is to provide the solution to all of your marketing questions in the form of a 360-degree marketing plan tailored to your specific business and revenue goals. We want you to “do you” — make an impact with your business, connect with your customers, deliver the best possible experience, and not stress over marketing — at all! Leave that to us. 


We can handle traditional digital marketing services flawlessly, but our big vision is to incorporate artificial intelligence. We believe that AI is steadily becoming a powerful tool and ally in building awareness and growth—when used correctly.


We love helping small businesses do big things, and nothing gets us more excited than watching all your numbers — visitors, traffic, customers, conversions, clicks, and revenue — climb!
Even after you’re happy with the results, we don’t stop — your satisfaction is our motivation to continue improving even more. 
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