The Future of Customer Service for All Businesses

Chatbots are software applications that employ artificial intelligence and natural language processing to comprehend what a human wants and direct them to their desired goal with the least amount of effort on their part. For your customer experience touchpoints, it’s like having a virtual assistant.
There’s no doubting that automated chatbots have gotten a lot of attention in recent years. Whether you think of chatbots as a fleeting fad or think they’ll change the way people communicate and interact, the influence they’re having on online interactions is real…and measurable.
chatbots benefits

Chatbots benefits

Improved Customer Service
Having someone available 24/7 to answer your customers' questions can have a huge positive impact on your business. Chatbots provide you real-time assistance and can be programmed to present rich content for any lack of information your client might have. Fun fact: the best advertising is done by satisfied customers.
Advanced Lead Generation
Chatbots offer a variety of possibilities that not only help generate a steady flow of leads but also qualify and nurture them. With our thoroughly devised marketing strategies we create chatbots with a clear 'gate-keeping' question that instantly qualifies the prospect and assignes it in the right segment for the next step of the funnel.
Gaining Insights
Analyzing the collected feedback from the chatbot live flows provides us with sufficient data about consumers' behaviors. This way we're gaining insights regarding users purchasing patterns, their preferences, and potential issues. According to the conclusions we're continually optimizing our marketing efforts and improving the processes.
Increased Sales
All the previous benefits result in saving costs and increased revenue. What we mean by this?
Improved customer service = more satisfied customers = more recommendations for your products/services = more profit;
More quality leads means increased sales;
More gathered data = improved processes = better customer satisfaction = increased sales

Chatbots Services

Meticulous Strategy
Depending on your business industry & needs, we will build a comprehensive chatbot strategy that covers all of the required aspects to achieve better customer service, generate leads and increase revenue.
Flow Building
Aligned with the strategy and main objectives we will create conditional flows that will take over the role of a 24/7 available sales assistant.
Improving Processes
Chatbots save you from hiring too many employees for relatively basic and repetitive tasks while also offering an opportunity for creative marketing strategies that increase profits.


Get a solution that addresses your specific issues.
Every business is unique, and so are the funnels we create for them. We adapt to your business goals, technology stack, and client base to provide the best solution available.
Our prefered platform is Manychat because that is where all the magic happens. We are using it for a variety of reasons, but mostly the excellent opportunities it provides for advertising, lead generation and customer service.

The crafting We are using various methods and growth tools in order to create complex chatbot flows that cover every aspect of your business. Schedule a free call to find out how chatbots can increase your conversions!

The execution After creating and publishing the flows, we are closely monitoring each interaction and insight we get in interest of continuously improving our processes and building new ones.


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