Social Media
case study

How PastNow increased Sales with Social Media Advertising and increased Brand Awareness with Social Media Management

THE GOAL: Increased sales and
brand awareness

Our advertising campaigns for Pasta Now increased their online sales, using detailed targeting, long-term strategy, and tracking and optimizing the ads constantly. The creative way of managing their social media profiles and consistent content resulted in great attendance at their restaurant.


Pasta Now started managing their social media profile and advertising account by themselves but nothing really changed in terms of online sales and attendance in their restaurant. When we started working with them we created customized Social Media Posting and Advertising Strategies. With constantly posting for them strategically we managed to increase their brand awareness so more people started going to their restaurant. Also with constantly optimizing the advertising campaigns, now Pasta Now has much more online sales.

THE Results

2.6X increase in online sales

65% increase in in-store sales

18X return on ad spend

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