Social Media

Now more than ever, brands recognize the immense potential that comes with having a reliable online presence

Many marketers would argue that today’s marketing lives and breathes — and dies — by social media. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and other platforms have changed the way that people communicate on a foundational level, breaking down the barriers of time and space to create a 24/7 globally connected community. At Fluent Lead, we agree that social media is a huge opportunity for nearly all businesses to grow, engage with more potential and existing customers, and establish a presence and authority in the marketplace.
We bet that sometimes a new product or service pops up in your feed and sparks your interest. Our goal at Fluent Lead is to make your business one that sparks that same kind of interest. This process is an art and a science that gets potential customers to engage with you across a variety of platforms.
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Benefits of social Media

Improved Brand Recognition
Different awareness campaigns acompanied with regular social media posting and cummunicating with your audience is proven to build brand credibility. Once you establish a name and a community, customers are more likely to recommend your brand to friends and family which will increase your reach and therefore sales.
Better Customer Satisfaction
Interacting with your followers and responding to their questions, needs, even complaints is a way of showing compassion and publicly demonstrating that you care for the community you are building. Being a customer devoted brand creates loyal customers that are more likely to spend more and stay longer.
Increased Website Traffic
Having Social Media profiles and regularly updating them increases the chances for your brand to appear among the top results of search engines. Not only will this bring more traffic to your web but it will also result in greater brand visibility and improved SEO.
Increased Sales
Social media is a huge opportunity for nearly all businesses to grow, engage with more potential and existing customers, and establish a presence and authority in the marketplace. With a professionally crafted advertising strategy, the conversion rates will go skyrocket high.

What's Included

Organic Strategy and Execution
Imagine never having to worry about whether or not you’re posting enough on Instagram, or realizing you forgot to update something on your Facebook page. When you’ve got Fluent Lead as your social media ally, you’ll never need to look at your social accounts again if you don’t want to. With our comprehensive social media strategy in place, you’ll be on your way to gaining new followers, interactions, and engagement that will ultimately lead to more customers and more profits!
Paid Social Advertising
We don’t just set things up and let them run on autopilot. Besides the initial research and setup, one of the most important elements of a successful paid advertising campaign is optimization. Only by collecting and analyzing data can we build and refine campaigns to perform at the highest level. Our goal is to create and distribute content that stops potential customers in their scrolling tracks and makes them click right on through to your business. All of these efforts result in (at least) doubling, tripling, quadrupling your ROIs.
Community Management
Paying attention on what your audience talks, thinks or feels about your brand is crucial for establishing a trusted reputation. This way you connect personally with your customers as well with the ones who still haven't converted and you manifest empathy and caring which are the most valued emotions in order to build trust. Community management is full time job and commitment that requires someone being available to answer all the questions your prospects may be wondering about and also comfort anyone that might have some complaints.
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Our first step is a robust audit of your business’s existing social media profiles. We’ll assess your likes, followers, posting frequency, and other relevant factors to gather data that helps us understand where you’re at, what you’ve done well, and what could be improved. We’ll also research your ideal target customer and general market. We’ll use the insights we gain from this process to better understand the competitors in your space, their social media behavior, levels of engagement, and visibility.

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The crafting – With this foundational understanding, we’ll craft a social media strategy for your business. You’ll have the opportunity to give feedback, and then we can get started once you’re happy with the plan. We’ll begin by creating the social media account you need and setting goals for the most important channels.

The execution We’ll build a posting strategy for each platform and determine an appropriate monthly ad budget if we believe it will be a good investment for you. Then, we’ll manage all your social accounts — this includes creating all the written and visual content and maintaining a consistent level of activity. We will constantly monitor and optimize each result.


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